Watch The Beautiful Kurea Muto Finger Fuck Her Pussy In This Masturbation Scene
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Lets face it, there’s a reason dark skinned girls like Kurea Muto are catching on in popularity in Japan. They’re just so fucking hot that it’s hard not to love them! I bet you won’t be able to refrain from jerking off while you watch this sexy solo scene from the ‘Black Gal Dance’ DVD. You’re going to feel overwhelming tempted to squeeze out a load while watching Kurea Muto masturbate and grind her body on a stripper pole. But before things get hot and heavy this scene starts out with a lot of teasing. The first thing Kurea does is play with her breasts, hell she even hocks a few loogies on her big tits to make them wet and glistening. The next thing she does is writhe and grind her pussy into the stripper pole while still wearing a short pair of cut off jeans. She’s definitely getting herself all hot and bother now, she can no long resist the urge to pull off her shorts and start rubbing her wet almond pussy lips.

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