Hirose Sucks Her Bosses Cock In This Blowjob Scene
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If you’re anything like me, you probably enjoy watching Japanese secretaries performing sex acts with their bosses. If you’ve never seen secretary porn before, then this scene will introduce you to the genera. Aiko Hirose is the star of this video and it’s a scene taken from her Sky Angel 109 DVD release from 2010.  Aiko plays the role of a seductive secretary who happens to be sharing a hotel room with boss while on a business trip. Aiko quickly seizes this opportunity to suck up to her boss, literally! She pretends to be drunk and gives her boss a nice wet blowjob that makes his cock explode in her mouth. Who could resist getting their dick sucked off by someone who’s whole career depended on them? Personally I can’t blame the guy and I’m sure thatbhe’ll be taking more business trips with Aiko Hirose in the future.

Japanese Secretary Aiko Hirose 1
When learning that she’ll be sharing a hotel room with her boss, this sexy Japanese secretary jumps into action. She shares a few drinks from the mini bar with him while watching television. She pretends to be drunk and stumbles across the room landing on her bosses bed. Her head is now resting on his lap and she’s gently rubbing her face into his crotch while she giggles.  Aiko smiles at him and asks if he thinks blowjobs count as cheating on his wife. The boss naturally say’s “no” and then Aiko asks him if he’d like her to blow him. This time the boss answers with an enthusiastic “yes.” Aiko puts everything she has in to this blowjob, hoping her oral sex skills can earn her a raise. She sucks on his dick nice and slow, making sure he gets plenty of pleasure from her nimble tongue. She reaches up her skirt and starts to finger her pussy while continuing to suck the bosses dick. He shoots his load in Aiko’s mouth, where she catches the cum to play around with it. She swirls his warm cum load around in her mouth and asks the boss if he want’s her to spit or swallow, what do you think his answer will be?

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